Guy Debord-Revolutionary

by Len Bracken

Guy Debord-Revolutionary

Page 4, line 10: "clandestinely filmed" should read—filmed.

Page 17, line 14: "XIXth" should read—XVth.

Page 138, line 34: "1947" should read—1847.

Page 139, line 5: "1948" should read—1848.

Page 201, lines 1-5 should be typeset as follows:

I will make no concession to the public in this film.*

The actual audience of a cinema, staring fixedly in a perfect

Several excellent reasons justify such conduct to my mind

reverse shot, faces the spectators, who therefore merely see

and I shall give them.

themselves on this screen.

Page 212, lines 4-6: this is an error, based on press reports—Lebovici was not pro-Palestinian (excise this sentence).

Page 212, lines 15 and 16: "he blew himself up with one of his own bombs in 1972." should read—he reportedly blew himself up with one of his own bombs in 1972 (although he may well have been murdered).

Page 238, line 12 and 13: "girl undergoing faith healing in a mud bath allows Debord to heap scorn on the media professionals who would insist that the truth is revealed by this fragmentary image" should read—an Andean girl being swallowed by a volcanically induced sinkhole allows Debord to heap scorn on the media professionals who would impose their profession on this helpless creature and maintain that this detail is a model of the truth.

Page 251 Arsenals and forts are permanently fixed on the board as follows: North arsenals at D8 and B15; North forts at B8, I13 and H21. South arsenals at T3 and T23; South forts at O23, M3 and L15.

Page 253, line 3: add Translated as Preface to the Fourth Italian Edition of Society of the Spectacle by Frances Parker and Michael Forsyth, London: Chronos Publications, 1979.

Page 253, line 10: "Translated by Michel Prigent and Lucy Forsyth" should read—Translated by the Piranha Group.

Page 257, insert, alphabetically, the following bibliographic omissions:

Jappe, Anselm, Guy Debord Pescara: Edizioni Tracce, 1993. French translation by Claude Galli, Marseille: Via Valeriano, 1995. [Jappe writes that my book is derivative. Guy Debord-Revolutionary is more of a biography than his monograph, and it explores many aspects of Debord's thought in original ways, such as Debord's Hungarian influences.]

Knabb, Ken ed. Situationist International Anthology, Berkeley: Bureau of Public Secrets, 1989

Public Secrets: Collected Skirmishes of Ken Knabb: 1970-1997 Berkeley: Bureau of Public Secrets, 1997

Law, Larry Spectacular Times Pocketbook Series London: Spectacular Times, n.d.

Lefebvre, Henri Critique de la vie quotidienne, Paris: Grasset, 1947 translated by John Moore as Critique of Everyday Life, New York: Verso, 1991

Page 261, line 9: joint publication of Semiotext(e) and Rebel Press.

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