Persian Love

Persian Love

Persian Love is Len Bracken's film interpretation of Omar Khayyam's poetry.

In addition to the 22-minute DVD, a 32-page booklet is included.

The film was produced, directed and shot by Len, who reads the text along with Laura Tiger-Salisbury.

X. Stewart created the music and the video editing is by Scott Sowers.

An abridged version of the film can be seen on YouTube.

Copies of the DVD and booklet are available for $100 postpaid in the U.S. (add additional postage for foreign destinations—send checks or money orders payable to Len Bracken to the address below).

Any proceeds will fund an ongoing film project on Guy Debord.

The translator's preface by Len Bracken:

“Omar Khayyam describes a virtual hand in the sky that indicates the path of life at every turn.

“While the translator may not believe in all the motifs invoked in Persian Love, he instantly recognizes, when exploring the mysteries of alcohol, the 11th century poet as an important facet in this field of knowledge.

“The translator listens for a moment at a door that is slightly ajar—Omar’s head is suspended by a silver thread to the stars and the flickering shadows of the night blend with his features that glisten with sweat as he reads before a fire in a soul-stirring voice.

“With a tipsy smile, the translator feels—if only for an instant—as though he is facing a reflection of himself through the crack in the door, just as the sun sees itself reflected in the moon and other heavenly bodies.

“Amid the ever-changing constellations and shooting stars that leave only a glimmer in their wake, the translator watches as Khayyam is carried away by an obscure asteroid and the poet's eyes dilate endlessly into the shadows of the universe.”

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