Extraphile #10


Extraphile #10

This is the literary organ of the First Extranational, which seems to be a dangerous front group for Situationist-influenced desperados who will stop at nothing. It's a damn good read, anyway. In fact, this zine completely refutes the notion that zines are done only by illiterate 13 year old skaters in the rumpus room. This issue offers loads of brain candy in the way of rants, collages, essays, reprints, reviews and more [...] You'll just have to check this out for yourself.
Trevor, Sniper's Nest

...Just about everything included deserves digestion and further comment. This quirky zine is a genuine pleasure to page through, with its creative yet readable content.
Jason McQuinn, Alternative Press Review

An essential zine [...] packed with those elusive details that are the whole reason you are reading these pubs.
Jean Heriot, Kaspahraster

Bulky feast of a read-always lots to stimulate and engage. [...] Get it.

Extraphile forces you to work hard by thinking. Today, thinking is the most difficult and financially uncompensated work of all.

Finally, thoughtful ruminations on the conditions and circumstances of Guy Debord's death. Earnest when you desire earnestness, playful when you manifest as homo ludens. No rarification. No additives. Peerless. Sample quote: "The ecstasies of the body can be planned for, but more often than not, they must be snatched from fate."
Arturo Swan, Oblivion

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